Big Pharma’s Role in America’s Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic

Count the amount of pharmaceutical advertisements you see, hear or read each day. Big Pharma, a term used to collectively identify all pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, spends a large portion of their budget on advertising their products. Some people are surprised to learn that the United States and New Zealand are the only two countries in … Continue reading “Big Pharma’s Role in America’s Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic”

Count the amount of pharmaceutical advertisements you see, hear or read each day. Big Pharma, a term used to collectively identify all pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, spends a large portion of their budget on advertising their products. Some people are surprised to learn that the United States and New Zealand are the only two countries in the world that allow direct consumer advertising for pharmaceuticals. With 3.5 billion drugs or more prescribed each year, Americans buy more drugs per person than any other country. The availability and variety of drugs provided and marketed by Big Pharma is definitely a contributing factor to America’s prescription drug abuse epidemic.

This may pose another question of why pharmaceutical marketing is allowed in the United States. The answer is the mighty dollar. While a large portion of their budget goes to advertising, another large portion of Big Pharma’s budget is spent lobbying on Capitol Hill. Whether it is to promote a new drug, to obtain FDA approval, or to sway Congress to approve increases in drug prices, the funding which could be better spent on safety and quality control is instead applied in the political arena. The likelihood of the advertising ever stopping is low because there is too much financially backed political influence. Recommendations to cease direct consumer advertising for pharmaceuticals cannot seem to gain any traction.

Should blame for our prescription pill epidemic be placed solely on advertising by Big Pharma? Of course not. There are a host of other factors contributing to the epidemic. However, financial gain, for the street level dealer to the lobbyist on Capitol Hill, is arguably the most influential factor resulting in America’s prescription drug abuse problem. For the first time in history, the global pharmaceutical industry is expected to reach over a trillion dollars in sales this year. Why would they stop advertising with those types of profits?

Furthermore, it seems our culture has evolved to believe the answer to every ailment is to take a pill for a cure. We want fast food, fast cars, fast phones, fast computers, and fast fixes to our problems. We want to swallow a pill to fix our bodies because it is easier and quicker. While a true and legitimate need for pharmaceuticals exists, the fact remains they are over prescribed in the U.S. To illustrate, the most astounding statistic is the quantity of hydrocodone sold in the United States in 2010 was enough to medicate every single adult in America for a month.

Free enterprise drives our culture. However, when profits become more important than human welfare, change has to come. Americans are vulnerable because we believe pharmaceuticals are the only answer. What happened to maintaining a healthy lifestyle? How many success stories have been printed about unhealthy or obese individuals taking several daily medications abruptly having no need for those medications after changing their lifestyles, losing weight and reaching a healthy body mass index? Why don’t more people spend time each day to practice yoga or meditation to reduce stress? Because it only takes 3 seconds to swallow a Xanax.

Unfortunately, Americans seem to want the easy solution and Big Pharma is well aware and more than eager to provide. We want to maintain our unhealthy lifestyle because it is easier and it conforms to our existing habits. If something goes wrong, we believe there is a solution to any ailment in a pill. Perhaps we should pay more attention to daily habits that cause ailments, like tobacco use, alcohol consumption, overeating, pollution, and lack of exercise. To address what ails us may require some time and new choices in how we live. If we want a sustainable healthy future, we need to fix our bad habits instead of always looking for the best and newest pill.

Health Benefits Of Camphor

Every time we hear about camphor the first thing comes in everyone’s mind is that this is an important ingredient used in Indian households for religious ceremonies. In general, it is a waxy, flammable product with a strong odor. You can use this product in various ways like in religious ceremonies, in the form of essential oil, as a room freshener or in many other ways.

This is well-known for spreading positivity because it has a strong healing power. It is made from the wood of the camphor tree. Apart from this, it also has some health benefits which are lesser known and is as follows.

Digestive problem: If you or any of your known one suffering from the gas or a digestion problem so nothing is much better than the camphor. It helps you to get relief from a digestive problem like diarrhea, gastroenteritis.

Inflammation: It has vast anti-inflammatory properties which make it useful in various ointments or oils. You can apply camphor oil on the affected area and it will reduce the pain, itching or swelling as well. It helps to get relief from a pimple and acne as well. But one of the important things to consider is that never put camphor directly on your wounds because it becomes poisonous after meeting with your blood so always uses it with the guidance of experts.

Improve blood circulation: It works effectively in stimulating and improving blood circulation which is good for your heart and health as well. This will help to stay your heart health and keeps your body absolutely fit and fine.

Nerve disorders: It is scientifically proven that camphor is an effective treatment for nervous disorders, epilepsy and muscular contraction. So you can take camphor to get relief from these problems, but only after consulting a doctor.

Stimulate hormones: One of the major benefits of camphor is that it works as an effective hormone stimulator that helps in increasing libido as well as sex drive.

From above, now you may know its health benefits, but one thing to always keep in mind is that never apply camphor directly on your skin always dilute it with olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil otherwise, it may be dangerous. Another important thing to remember while using camphor is that never applies or uses it without taking the advice of a doctor. This is a beneficial product if you use it with caution.

Electronic Trading Solutions to Improve Business Opportunities

Digitization of trade finances is touted to provide significant benefits for trading partners and corporate banks. The other major benefits of digitizing trade finances are the reduced costs and the risks of international trade. The connected networks and connections have improved visibility and transparency that makes the entire process smooth and easy. The ability to make electronic trading solutions digital requires time because of the increased stiff global competition.

Corporate organizations have their own reasons to go digital when it comes to the trading solutions. The reasons to go digital are many and the biggest reason being reduced costs with a steady increase in efficiency. Going digital also improves the payment processes at a quicker pace which in turn enhances transactions. Corporate companies collaborating together for the common cause of work also shows an improvement in monetary transactions. When companies adopt the electronic trading solutions, the increase in visibility while tracking and auditing transactions reduces all sorts of risks associated with fraud and non-compliance. Digital trading solutions are considered to be effective since it increases opportunities for quick and easy access to finances.

If you had thought that corporate was the only industry that benefited from this, you were wrong because banks and financial institutions experience efficiency because of this digital solution. We all know that there is an increase in efficiency and reduction in fraud activities because of electronic trading solutions. However, the exposure and visibility of the financial institutions also increase because the financial supply chain provides value added services for client benefit.

In order to enjoy the benefits that electronic trading solutions provide, both the financial institutions and the corporate organizations need to come together to establish potential changes. These changes are sure to add value and make the flow of work smooth and easy. Thankfully, these changes have gradually begun to outweigh the challenges organizations were experiencing.

Corporate Digitization

The last decade has seen a significant change in the international trade industry because of the competitive pressure from trading partners. It is time for banks and corporate enterprises to respond quickly to the new opportunities. The commercial decisions also need to be quick on the basis of the financial agreements and the payment types. These trends have expanded the market for alternative funding. Fluctuating prices have forced organizers to explore newer ways of optimizing transaction costs in all aspects of their trade cycle.

Operational Efficiency through Auditable Process

There has been an increased focus on maintaining documentation processes to keep a constant check on the regular flow of work. Documentation is an established process which is also an old school approach to work. The growing competition has made the market conditions pretty tough and it is important for banks and financial institutions to become more agile and responsive while handling client requirements. This transition by banks is easily possible with the help of the electronic trading solution. The electronic documentation process minimizes human errors and is extremely accurate.

Transformation in Global Trade

Electronic trading solutions lead to easy handling of trade and finances which further help companies to run an end-to-end process successfully. Digitization helps in keeping the work related processes on the right track because relevant documents are in place. This entire process acts like an instant authorization which further helps in keeping the pace of work fast and effective. It is important to stay ahead in business and that is possible only when you adopt new technological trends that help in easing the global trade transaction processes. These processes play a critical role in developing and improving corporate relationships through efficient work management

It’s Seems Money Has No Real Value Anymore!

I mention quite often in my articles key factors like high inflation, over taxation, and a deficit in our national budget. This all equals to my assumption money has no real value anymore. Here is my logic behind the statement.

Even a person with a family having household income of $50,000 are in serious debt. It begins with the government taking around $14,000 directly off their paychecks. Then anything a person buys the 13% consumer taxes on purchases made, or as we call it H.S.T, removing anther $4,600 off an individual’s income. The purchasing power for someone earning fifty-thousand yearly is around $31,400, or $2,600/month. A family of four with teenagers spends approximately a thousand/month on groceries, and based on national averages a $1,000 in housing. How far does a six-hundred dollar balance go? Is it any wonder the average Canadian family is a hundred-thousand in debt? Even worse the millions who make in that minimum wage realm of earning are bigger trouble. Their kids need to eat and have shelter too.

Inflation is off the rails, what we could purchase for a dollar in the seventies, is now 4 times the amount for the same things. That would be fine if the balance was right between earnings and inflation. Using this ideology a person who earned $50,000 in the seventies would need to make $200,000 today. I highly doubt people paid 50% deductions at source, but this would leave the $100,000 which might work for a decent lifestyle.

It is pretty sad when we think a low-income minimum wage family can’t really afford junk food like MacDonald’s. Forty hours at minimum wage nets approximately $374, so taking their family of four for fast food costing about $45.00, and requires 5 hours working time is not feasible. It is actually 12% of their net weekly income just to eat junk food really!

I believe the only way to give money value again is by our government investing in manufacturing here, and saying good-bye to free trade. Our socialistic ways is not working anymore. Time to stop being a service country but a manufacturing one again providing jobs, increasing wages because of being able to export products, and yes start using our natural resources as before to stimulate the economy through revenues. In doing so money coming into the country means more people working, less on system, and no reason not to reduce taxation.

I think we can’t afford to support foreign people, as we are having enough trouble presently supporting ourselves in Canada. Maybe we should also stop bowing down to the environmentalists because we can’t afford to save the world. These disposal taxes on electronics, emission tests on our cars, or above property taxes for garbage removal is killing our budgets. We need to survive now, and the average citizen doesn’t have the means to worry 50-100 years down the road. Did our parents or grandparents, they were actually left alone to enjoy their lives. I believe all those fees and taxes are a money grab anyways, not changing much environmentally.

How come it was possible earlier in the last century for one working person in household to support a family, save money, put their kids through school, go on vacation, and save for retirement? The best part not be in a lifetime of debt. If we want our money to gain value again, we need to leave more of it in Canadians pockets, and pay our fair share taxes but not be fleeced because they are failing in raising our economy.